Access Your CPD




The quality of the Education Service depends, above all, on the quality of our teachers. If higher standards are to be reached and all pupils are to be effectively supported in achieving their potential, it is essential that teachers are well prepared for their work and that they have the opportunities to refresh and enhance their skills throughout their careers. [East Ayrshire CPD Strategy, 2004]

Welcome to East Ayrshire's CPD website which has been set up to support you with your continuing professional development.

This website will allow you to:

  • Apply for East Ayrshire CPD opportunities
  • Apply for external courses
  • Update your CPD record
  • Update your CPD plan
  • Access other useful educational websites

The range of experiences which contribute to teacher development is wide ranging and includes activities that can be undertaken during the 35 hour week as well as those that contribute to the "additional, contractual" 35 hours of CPD per annum. A CPD activity is anything that has progressed a teacher's existing skills or enhanced her/his professionalism. You may find the following list helpful:

  • Activity related to achieving national standards (Standard for Full Registration, Standard for Chartered Teacher, Standard for Headship)
  • Self-evaluation and personal reflection including preparation for the professional review and development meeting
  • Subject based activities including involvement with professional bodies and associations
  • Attendance at In Service
  • Membership of school committees and task groups
  • Developing school, local authority and national policies
  • Visits to and from colleagues in other schools
  • Co-operative teaching
  • Lesson observation and analysis
  • Secondments
  • Professional reading, research and on-line learning
  • Mentoring, supporting colleagues
  • Curricular planning and development
  • Management and leadership development opportunities
  • Teacher placements in business and industry
  • Working with others including as part of inter-agency teams involving colleagues from Social Work and Health Services etc.
  • Working with parents and carers

We hope that you find this website user-friendly and of benefit to you when planning your CPD in East Ayrshire